Minnesota State Troopers look to fill open spots, searching for more female troopers

The Minnesota State Patrol will be closing its application pool this week as it looks to fill dozens of open positions. In an attempt to diversify its ranks, the state patrol is looking to get more women on the force.

Currently, only 10% of the patrol's 612 employees are female, something that has been fueled by the misperceptions of what the job entails.

The Assistant Chief of the Minnesota State Patrol, Rochelle Schrofer, spoke with News Talk 830 WCCO's Laura Oakes about why women are the ideal candidates for the job.

"I think women come prepared with a different skill set than men. I know that sounds generalizing, and I don't mean to do that here or stereotype, but women are good communicators, not that men aren't," Schrofer said. "I think whether it be societal or stereotypical upbringings, women seem to communicate very well."

Schrofer added that they are attempting to connect with people with different backgrounds because having different experiences can be extremely valuable as a state trooper. The experience of being a mother may be the most beneficial.

"The experience you get from being a mother is extremely valuable in this field. You've learned to deal with children who are maybe throwing a temper tantrum, and how you calm that situation down, how you de-escalate that situation."

When it comes to the stereotypes of being a state trooper, Schrofer said that they can come in all shapes and sizes; only one thing really matters.

"You don't have to be that muscle-bound person to do this job; matter of fact, you probably fare a lot better in this job if you have the ability to communicate well," she added.

When it comes to who Schrofer thinks will do well as a state trooper, she feels that those with families who have learned how to have a healthy work-life balance will succeed.

She added that they are looking for applicants that will serve with respect, empathy and uphold the state troopers' core values.

"That contact, even though sometimes results in a citation, which isn't comfortable for people, it's the person who can have that individual drive away from that contact actually still feeling good," Schrofer said.

If anyone is interested in becoming a Minnesota State Trooper, visit mntrooper.com for more information.

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