Thousands of Los Angeles police officers refuse COVID vaccine, request exemption

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As the push to get more Americans vaccinated against COVID-19 continues, many unvaccinated Americans are fighting to stay that way -- unvaccinated. A new report has found that employees at the Los Angeles Police Department have filed what experts consider to be an 'alarming' number of vaccine exemption requests.

The report found that nearly 3,000 employees at the LAPD requested an exemption from taking the COVID-19 vaccine, Vice reported.

This came after President Joe Biden’s mandate for employers with more than 100 employees and after the Los Angeles City Council voted to require city employees to get the vaccine.

The city of Los Angeles and surrounding counties have been first for most mandates throughout the pandemic. The Los Angeles Unified School District board voted to require students to get vaccinated for COVID-19, the largest district in the country to do so.

Because of mandates like this, the city has been host to numerous protests, including some that have turned violent. One in mid-August became bloody when anti-vaxxers and proud boys clashed with anti-protestors.

When it comes to the Los Angeles Police Department, employees are not as willing as the rest of the city to get vaccinated, records show. More than 2,600 employees have indicated their plans to file for religious exemptions, and 350 have plans to file medical exemptions, Vice reported.

The deadline to file for an exemption was Monday night. Reports found that a quarter of the LAPD’s 12,000-plus employees said they would seek an exemption compared to 2-3% of workforces for other city departments, NBC Los Angeles reported.

More than half of the LAPD’s officers are currently vaccinated for COVID-19, the LA Times reported. The LA Times also noted that there have been 10 deaths from the virus in the department throughout the pandemic.

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