Man kicks bear, surviving near-death encounter

Brown bear biting.
Brown bear biting. Photo credit GettyImages

A man on an Alaskan trail survived a near-death experience with a brown bear after he was charged by the beast, the Alaska Wildlife Troopers reported.

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According to a news release from the troopers, the man was riding his bicycle along the riverbed of Jack River when he saw the animal 10 to 15 yards away. It was then that the bear saw him and began to charge towards him.

The man jumped off of his bike and started screaming in an effort to get it to go away, but he ended up falling to the ground and onto his back.

He shared with the troopers that he covered his head and believed he kicked the bear, but it bit him on his right leg. The man was carrying a firearm but chose not to use it, the release said.

The bear then went back into the forest, and the man made it to the highway to call a friend to take him to the local medical center.

The man received treatment for a puncture wound, and laceration at the hospital suffered from where the bear bit him. He guessed that it was 500 pounds.