Boomer & Gio's Moment of the Day 6/21/21: Who's Takin' Shots?


Saturday was a great day for Boomer and his entire family, including GWG scorer Matty Marts, but not so much for the Lightning – and when Boomer & Gio played the Tampa Bay radio call of the final seconds of Game 4, including the dissension between the announcers, Gregg had some fun.

See, Ryan Pulock technically made the final “save” of the game, so the Lightning announcers were arguing over it because the official scorer gave Tampa Bay a shot…and the final words we heard were one announcer saying “it was going in the net, I don’t give a damn who stopped it!”

“Some underlying issues there, for sure,” Jerry noted, after hearing this rant from Gio as the color commentator:

"This dumbass screaming moron! I've been dealing with your crap for years and you never shut up! You can't see what happened? How long you been calling hockey, dumbass?"

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