Boomer goes off on NFL fumble ruling after Justin Jefferson's near touchdown


Justin Jefferson nearly had himself a touchdown in the first half of Thursday night’s loss to the Eagles, but lost the ball as he reached for the pylon, and the ball rolled into the end zone, resulting in a turnover and a touchback for Philly.

In an eventual 34-28 loss, it proved to be a big play in the game, and highlighted a rule that Boomer cannot stand.

“He’s trying to make a play for his team. I give him all the credit in the world,” Boomer said.
“Offensive player fumbles the ball out of the end zone, the defense automatically gets it at the 20. What? I hate that rule.

“If a defender intercepts the ball and is running down the sideline, he gets tackled in bounds but fumbled the ball out of bounds, his team gets to keep the ball. The only reason they don’t get to keep the ball is because it was fumbled in the end zone. I hate that rule. That rule sucks.”

What would Boomer change about the rule? He says it wouldn’t be too difficult of an adjustment.

“If you want to do something, maybe put the ball back on the 10-yard line or something for the offense, or the 20-yard line,” Boomer said. “I hate that rule. I just hate it.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Getty Images