Boomer to be the Boompa X2: Gunnar Esiason, new bride announce they're expecting


Boomer Esiason is about to be a Boompa times two.

Gunnar Esiason was just married on Saturday in a beautiful ceremony up in New England…and then on Sunday, Gunnar and his new bride, Darcy, announced they are expecting a little boy in December:

Boomer’s daughter, Sydney Esiason, and husband Matt Martin became parents last July, welcoming soon-to-be one-year-old Windsor Grace “Winnie Doo-Doo” Martin to the world and making Boomer the Boom-pa, as coined by friend of the program Dan in Carteret.

Matty Marts was scheduled to be a groomsman for his brother-in-law, but was unable to attend Gunnar’s wedding, as he was busy scoring what would be the game-winning goal for the Islanders in Game 4 of their Stanley Cup semifinal series. He was, however, there in spirit:

Big weekend for the Esiason family, which also drew a rare Tweet from Boomer himself:

Congrats to Boomer, Gunnar and Darcy, and the entire Esiason Family!

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