Boomer: Daniel Jones proved he is 'big-time quarterback' by leading Giants comeback


Daniel Jones balled out in the second half of the Giants’ historic comeback win over the Cardinals on Sunday, becoming the first player in NFL history to throw for 250 yards, run for 50 yards, log multiple touchdown passes, rush for a score, and not turn the ball over, all in the second half of one game.

Boomer said it was proof that Jones was worthy of his big contract, and that he belongs in the conversation of “big-time” quarterbacks.

“Daniel Jones showed everybody that he’s a big-time quarterback…you gotta give him all the respect in the world,” Boomer said. “Without him, they’re not winning that game.

“A guy came out and busted his ass to win a football game. Daniel Jones played that game in the second half like his life depended on it.”

Boomer doesn’t want to hear about the opponent and that they’re on track to compete for the No. 1 overall pick. There was still a 21-point deficit to erase, and Jones made sure the Giants got out of Arizona with a win they desperately needed.

“Daniel Jones showed yesterday that he’s worth every penny,” Boomer said. “You can sit here and make fun of the fact that it was the Cardinals and that they were the worst team in football…but thank God Daniel Jones didn’t feel that way at the half, or else the game would have been over, and the season would have been over.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Christian Petersen | Getty Images