Boomer and Gio: Joe Schoen '100 percent' took shots at Dave Gettleman in recent comments


Boomer and Gio read off a quote from Joe Schoen on the Giants offseason, and they believe the message of the comments were undeniable. The Giants GM was taking a clear shot at his predecessor.

“Could we have done better? Yeah, if we had $40 million in cap space,” Schoen said, as Gio read the quote during Tuesday’s show. “With what we had, I think we executed a plan. We were able to upgrade the roster with the resources we had.”

That was all Boomer needed to hear to know that Schoen was taking shots at the previous Big Blue GM.

“Yeah, he’s taking like five different shots at Dave Gettleman, without question,” Boomer said.

“He’s also trying to keep expectations to a minimum. He’s saying ‘Look, we got here, we had a cap situation…and of course I got a better coach.’”

Gio was in full agreement.

“‘Listen, we were left with a terrible team in cap hell,’” Gio imitated.

“He did a good job of not going straight at Gettleman…but this has got to be like a three-year plan. They have so much work to do.”

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