Gio REALLY doesn't think Brian Daboll is Giants savior in early-morning rant: 'It's not negativity, it's realism'


With former Bills assistant general manager Joe Schoen being named the Giants new general manager, Brian Daboll’s name promptly shot up the list of potential candidates to be New York’s next head coach.

After Daboll shined again in the playoffs as Buffalo’s offensive coordinator, leading the Bills unit to 83 points over two games, there were declarations that the Giants had to pair Schoen and Daboll together again, and that Daboll was a no-brainer to replace Joe Judge.

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Gio doesn’t just want to pump the brakes on that momentum, he wants to slam them until they reach a full stop.

“If you look back, nobody ever thought about Brian Daboll as a head coach when he was in Cleveland as the offensive coordinator back in 2009 and 2010,” Gio said in an early-morning rant. “You know why? Because his quarterbacks were Brady Quinn and Derek Anderson. Nobody thought of him after he left there an went to Miami…he wasn’t the hot coordinator then. You know why? Because his quarterbacks were Chad Henne and Matt Moore.”

“It’s not negativity, it’s realism. This happened with quarterbacks before the Draft, and it happens with coaches now. This positive momentum, because everyone is so starved for positivity, starts to roll, and nobody stops it…I think that’s what’s happening here with Brian Daboll.”

Gio also pointed to Daboll’s time with the Chiefs, which ended after one disappointing season when Andy Reid took over as head coach in 2013, sending Daboll to New England.

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“If Brian Daboll was such a genius, don’t you think one of the best head coaches in the history of the league would have said ‘We gotta keep him on the staff, this up-and-coming whippersnapper of an offensive coordinator’? Gio said.

Daboll has received high praise for a Buffalo offense that was third in the league in points per game this season, then torched Bill Belichick and the Patriots defense in the Wild Card Round before going toe-to-toe with Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs in one of the greatest playoff games in NFL history. But Gio thinks Daboll is getting too much of that praise.

“The Bills offense is great because of Josh Allen, that’s why,” Gio said. “I guarantee you if Brian Daboll leaves the Bills…Josh Allen is still gonna be great.”

So, no, Gio does not believe Big Blue absolutely has to go get Daboll, who already had his second interview with the team on Monday.

“A must-hire is if Sean Payton left New Orleans and didn’t take a year off and decided he wanted to coach somewhere else,” Gio said. “That’s a must-hire.”

What did Boomer think of all this? He was admittedly caught off guard at Gio unleashing an extended rant so early into Tuesday’s show, and he wasn’t as emphatic about Daboll being a false prophet, but he did remind Giants fans to manage expectations.

“If they think Brian Daboll is going to come in and turn Daniel Jones into Josh Allen, you’ve got another thing coming,” Boomer said.

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