Tiki & Tierney: Aaron Rodgers clear better option for Jets than Lamar Jackson


The Jets clearly need to make an upgrade at quarterback, and there seems to be several options set to become available this offseason.

Derek Carr, Aaron Rodgers, and perhaps even Lamar Jackson could be made available via trade, and if it comes down to the latter two, both Tiki and Tierney are in agreement that Rodgers would be a much better fit for Gang Green than Jackson.

“When you are searching for upgrades at the quarterback position like the Jets have been for so long, you have to be open to just about everything,” BT said. “I’m far more interested in a two or three-year deal with Rodgers for a couple of first-round picks…than giving up like four first rounders for Lamar. I don’t think Lamar guarantees you anything.”

Sure, Jackson is younger and is a former MVP, but Rodgers has an MVP of his own, a Super Bowl ring, and while both have had their injury issues in recent years, Rodgers would be a more seamless transition into the Jets offense.

“It’s a specific kind of coordinator who needs to work well with Lamar, where with Aaron Rodgers, you know it’s going to be collaborative,” Tiki said. “I think Aaron Rodgers is easier of a transition to a team that is quarterback needy than Lamar Jackson would be.”

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