Boomer: Jets need to release Zach Wilson, who 'hasn't grown an inch'


Zach Wilson once again looked inept under center in Sunday’s loss to the Bills, resulting in his benching late in the third quarter of an eventual blowout loss.

Boomer believes that low point should mark the end of Wilson’s career with the Jets, who would be best served releasing the former No. 2 pick.

“This kid here has not figured out anything,” Boomer said. “I mean, it is unbelievable that he hasn't even grown an inch. I wouldn’t put that kid out in front of the home fans [on Friday against Miami]. They should probably just wake up this morning and say, ‘It’s not working.’

“He serves no purpose on this team right now. None. No backup purpose, nothing. They should just release him, let him go realize they made a mistake.”

Boomer has consistently pointed to Wilson’s lack of awareness on the field, and he hasn’t seen any improvement on that front. After three years, he doesn’t believe that improvement is coming, at least not in New York, and it’s time to cut ties.

“It's over with,” Boomer said. “You gotta do something to relieve that pressure, and to me, would be to outright release him and just let him go.”

Featured Image Photo Credit: Bryan M. Bennett | Getty Images