Boomer: Joe Douglas will have to answer for 'complete bust' Zach Wilson


Boomer has been critical of Zach Wilson’s awareness, or lack thereof, for much of this season, and he says Sunday only highlighted those issues in a game that led to his benching.

“He has been overwhelmed for three years. Completely overwhelmed,” Boomer said. “For some reason, somebody over there thinks that this is the best way to do it. While I’m watching Tommy DeVito get his brains beat in, yet still have the guts and the balls to stand in and lead his team to victory and throw three touchdown passes, something Zach Wilson has never done.”

Pointing to DeVito and the Giants, Boomer said Big Blue’s defense had Washington quarterback Sam Howell looking “foggy” in the pocket, which is what he has seen from Wilson since he was drafted.

“That foggy look is something that Zach has had for three years,” Boomer said. “There is absolutely no confidence whatsoever in the young man to lead this team to a first down, let alone touchdowns. You can see it. It’s obvious for everybody.

“I have no idea what the front office - and I love Joe Douglas…who is unfortunately dealing with a decision that he’s a part of, that’s going to ruin him as well - but he’s gonna have to explain a lot to a lot of people about this particular player, who is a complete and utter bust. I don’t know what else to call it.”

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