Carton & Roberts: Jets will be 'in the conversation' this season, that's all that matters


The Jets have made their expectations clear going into the season, with Robert Saleh and Aaron Rodgers publicly stating that they see themselves as one of the few teams in the league with an actual shot of winning the Super Bowl.

Some have responded strongly to those expectations as very premature given the fact that this current regime has accomplished nothing to this point, but Craig and Evan don’t see why it’s a bad thing to consider Gang Green among the cream of the crop in the AFC, even if it means there will be stiff competition to get to the Big Game.

“They are not the team to beat in the AFC or the AFC East, but they are now probably right behind Buffalo, Cincinnati and Kansas City as one of those teams with a chance,” Evan said. “As Saleh said…you go into a year with certain teams that have a legitimate chance. It doesn’t mean they’re the favorite or that they’ll do it, but they have a chance.”

So, why waste time debating whether the Jets should be seen as the favorite in the division or the AFC? Bottom line, they’re in the mix, and that’s all you can ask for heading into a new season.

“It’s a silly argument,” Craig said. “All we know as Jets fans is that we’re in the conversation.”

So, instead of getting caught up in where the Jets truly stand, fans should embrace the fact that their team, for the first time in years, is in the conversation.

“This might be, in terms of both New York teams combined,” Evan said. “The most anticipated football season here in a long time.”

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