Gio: Jets and Knicks closer to winning title for New York than Yankees and Mets


As the Heat’s dominance over the Celtics makes the Knicks’ playoff run look a whole lot better, and as the Jets host their first practice open to the media with Aaron Rodgers under center, Gio says we may be in an unprecedented time in New York sports where the Knicks and Jets are closer to winning a title than the city’s baseball teams.

“Are we in a world right now in New York sports where the Jets and Knicks…they are closer to a title in their respective sports than the Mets and Yankees are?” Gio said.

“What did we talk about with the Jets? They were a quarterback away from being right there. I think they’re good enough to at least get to an AFC Championship game, and then see what happens from there. you’re one game away from the Super Bowl.

“The way the playoffs have worked out, the Knicks have had a better postseason more recently than the Mets or Yankees…I know the Yankees got to the ALCS, but they were non-competitive. They got swept. And the Knicks gave the biggest challenge to the team that looks most likely to be going to the NBA Finals.”

Jerry wouldn’t go that far yet, as he still thinks the Yankees and Mets, two teams that made the playoffs last season and are finding their way in 2023, are closer to a parade.

“The Jets, on paper, the Jets should be. I just want to see it first,” Jerry said. “Only form the standpoint that what is supposed to happen never does.

“I would put the Yankees and Mets, in any order, at two or three…the Knicks one is interesting from this standpoint. Watching the Nuggets last night and what the Heat are doing, they are dispelling this belief that you need three superstars to win, and I think the Knicks have a chance to build upon what they’ve done the last couple of years and be there.”

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