Joe Douglas weighs in on the Eagles-Washington controversy


The New York Jets had no stake in what happened in Philadelphia on Sunday night, other than sharing their home base with one of the teams caught in the fallout.

GM Joe Douglas, in fact, didn’t even see the second half of the Eagles-Washington game, as he was busy starting the process after the Jets relieved Adam Gase of his head coaching duties. He did, however, spend a few years in Philly’s front office working alongside Doug Pederson, so Boomer & Gio made it a point to ask Douglas his thoughts on the situation.

There has been scuttlebutt that perhaps the “tank” came from above to protect a better pick for Philly in the draft, but Douglas doesn’t believe that could ever actually happen.

“I’ve never been part of a conversation like that, and I can’t imagine a conversation like that actually happening,” Douglas told Boomer & Gio. “You have to have credibility with the players, so that’s always on my mind.”

Pederson potentially losing that cred with part of his team has also been a hot topic amidst the fallout, but Douglas assured that as far as he knew, the Eagles’ coach had it.

“I can speak to my time with Coach Pederson, and he had unbelievable cred with the players, being an NFL quarterback for so long,” Douglas said. “The players loved him, and that’s a big thing he has. He’s smart and has great relationships around the building. I’m not familiar with the situation there, but I have the highest regard for Coach Pederson.”

That said, Douglas was later asked aside from this situation about his lowest moment of this Jets season, and reiterated the thought that, as a former Jets coach once said, you “play to win the game.”

“Any time there was a zero in front of our record. We’re in this profession to win games, that’s the bottom line, so it’s frustrating when you’re not,” Douglas said. “I can honestly tell you that there’s not one person in the NFL that wants to go through an 0-16 season and have that on their resume. There was a lot of joy in Los Angeles when we won that game.”

Credit that, he says, to the Jets never quitting.

“Even when we were 0-13, these players stuck together and worked hard. Their competitiveness in practice kept going, and they never laid down,” Douglas said. “That was really impressive to watch every day. Some games were closer than others in that stretch, but these guys never backed down. I have a lot of respect for the way they carried themselves.”

Listen to Douglas’ entire interview with Boomer & Gio below!

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