BT says he knows why Mets do 'group hump' celebration: 'They're telling us to go screw ourselves'


The Mets have had many questioning their postgame celebration, where their infielders come together after a win, wrap their arms around each other’s shoulders, while forming a circle, and thrust towards each other in what Boomer and Gio dubbed as, “the group hump.”

Tiki and Tierney were scratching their heads over the celebration choice as well, but BT says he has found the reason for why the team would go with such a peculiar gesture.

“I’m telling you, they’re telling all of us to go screw ourselves,” BT said. “I’ve uncovered it. Go screw ourselves for giving up on them and not believing in them. That’s what it is.”

If that’s the case, then the Mets’ celebration could certainly be geared towards BT, who declared the season over less than two weeks ago. But the vibes have turned around, and Tiki and Tierney agree that a little clapback towards the doubters can bring a group together, so they’re all for the “group hump.”

“Sometimes, that’s valuable,” Tiki said. “The internal rally around each other. ‘Screw whoever is not in this thing.’ That works sometimes.”

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