Mookie Wilson stands by his belief: 'Not a doubt' I would've beat Bill Buckner to the bag


The Mets and Red Sox produced one of the most famous calls in sports history in the 1986 World Series: “Behind the bag, it gets through Buckner. Here comes Knight and the Mets win it!”

After a wild pitch allowed the tying run to score, Mookie Wilson’s ground ball got through Red Sox first baseman Bill Buckner’s legs, winning the game for the Mets to force a Game 7.

However, over the years many have speculated if Wilson would’ve beat out the play for an infield hit anyway – including the Mets outfielder himself.

Wilson joined Damon Amendolara on his new Audacy Original Podcast “Damon Amendolara’s New York Accent” and stood by his belief that he would’ve been safe on the play.

“Bill and I had this conversation many times, many times we had talked about it. And we actually sat there and watched the game together and dissected the whole inning, Bill and I,” Wilson said (33:28 in player above). “We both agreed that even if he catches the ball he said ‘I don’t think I’d beat you to the bag even if I catch the ball’ because of the momentum and the way he was so far off the line, he’s going away and back. At the moment, the pitcher’s out of play. The pitcher’s got no chance, which is another conversation you can have a lot about.”

Wilson admitted that he rolled over on a pitch to hit and may have said a few expletives coming out of the box. He said those same expletives for the opposite reason once the ball got through Buckner.

If there’s one thing Wilson was known for it was his speed. He stole 327 bases in his career, including 25 in the 1986 regular season and four more in the playoffs. The Mets legend knows that he would’ve been safe at first base.

“But even if he catches the ball, I stand by my belief and not a doubt, talking with the other guy who was involved, that I would’ve beat him to the bag.”

The debate may rage on, but it doesn’t matter. The Mets won the 1986 World Series and the Red Sox ended their curse less than 20 years later.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: © Frank Becerra Jr/USA TODAY / USA TODAY NETWORK