Paige Bieker talks meeting Anthony Harris, his daddy-daughter dance with Carton & Roberts


Paige Bieker is the girlfriend of Philadelphia Eagles safety Anthony Harris…but a few short years ago, she was a teacher in Minnesota, just hanging out at a pre-Super Bowl LII event in Minneapolis when she first met the then-Vikings star.

“So Anthony was hosting the Migos concert, I was there with my brother and I was pretty oblivious to it all,” Bieker told Carton & Roberts on WFAN Wednesday as part of their WAG Wednesday segment. “We were standing next to the section he taped off, and he came over and asked if we wanted to hang out.”

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Bieker admitted she didn’t know who Harris was at the time, but to quote Shania Twain, when she found out, it didn’t impress her much.

“He ended up telling me but it didn’t do much justice for him, so my brother and I ended up moving on with our night!” she laughed.

Eventually, though, the two would bump into each other around Minneapolis, which Bieker called “a small world,” and a year and change later, fates intertwined the two again.

“I was with friends at dinner, he made his move, and I guess I took the bait that time,” Bieker said. “We had some mutual friends who approved of him, and one of the things he said caught his eye was that I was pretty conservative with the way I dress.”

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Not long after, the pandemic hit, and Bieker moved with Harris back to his home state of Virginia, prior to what would be the final season he played in Minnesota – and when Philly came calling in free agency last summer, well, Paige knew it was time

“I had moved pretty quickly with him to Virginia early in our relationship when the pandemic hit, so when he wanted to move to Philly I knew I had no choice to go,” she laughed. “I don’t love Philly, but they circle around their football team, so it’s a good place for him to play.”

Of course, that made both Craig (who worked in Philly and also doesn’t love it) and Evan (who called the city “a city of losers” just last week) happy, and even happier when they found out that Harris is a free agent again this offseason and could make a pitch to bring him to New York.

“We’re open to wherever, we’re just hoping he gets a good offer,” Paige said.

That brought the subject to one offer Harris couldn’t refuse, the now-famous story of how he took an 11-year-old girl in Austin, Texas, to her father-daughter dance after she lost both her father and grandfather. Harris had communicated with the family, who were die-hard Vikings fans, quite often prior to the event, which you can read more about here thanks to our sister station WIP in Philly.

Craig admitted that he cried seeing the video, prompting Paige to explain more about the situation.

“Anthony also lost a loved one during the pandemic, so they reached out to say I’m praying for you. That really caught his attention – he respects people who care about his personal life,” Paige said. “When they reached out about this event, they said they knew it was a big gesture, but it was something he was willing to do.”

One that has changed a lot of people’s opinions about Harris, including Philly haters like Evan and Craig.

“He’s a good guy, and we have a lot of people with mutual feelings, that they don’t love the Eagles but now they love Anthony,” Paige said.

She’s okay with there being another young woman of import in his life, but, of course, had a warning for any of what Craig called “the Instagram girls sliding into his DMs.”

“It’s always gonna be an issue, but I trust him and know he’s a good man,” she laughed. “They can shoot their shot all day long, but I’m not worried. I’m a catch too!”

Paige still teaches in Florida during the NFL offseason, and now also helps with the Anthony Harris Foundation, which is soon to launch Anthony’s Acts of Kindness.

“He’s all about giving back to the youth any way he can, and started a summer camp as well,” Bieker said of the Foundation’s endeavors.

Craig and Evan will have Bieker and Harris on once the Foundation launches its new initiatives, but for now, you can follow them on Instagram to support The Anthony Harris Foundation, Anthony Harris Apparel, and Harris and Bieker themselves.

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