Carton & Roberts: Brian Cashman doesn't have finger on pulse of Yankee fans


Brian Cashman ruffled the feathers of some Yankee fans this weekend after joining The Score in Chicago and talking about the reaction from the fanbase and the New York media following the team’s ALCS exit last season.

“The truth was in the end, we were four games short of a World Series appearance, but it felt like the way our fanbase reacted and the press that we got knocked out in the first round,” Cashman said on Saturday. “So you can't really remember sometimes reality versus the perception, and the perception was we didn't do well. The reality was we had a hell of another run at it but, but fell short. But that’s just the New York market.”

Reacting to Cashman’s statements on Monday, Evan said the longtime GM clearly does not have his finger on the pulse of Yankee fans amid a World Series drought.

“He doesn’t seem to understand what the Yankee fans want to hear,” Evan said. “Sometimes you gotta give the people what they want.

“Let me try this answer: ‘Look, we accomplished a lot in the regular season, and while four wins away from the World Series seems really good, that’s not acceptable where we are, and I agree with Yankee fans: if we don’t get to the World Series or win the World Series, that’s an F. So I happen to agree with our fans that despite just being four wins away from the World Series, it’s a failure when we don’t get there, especially when we get swept by our fiercest rival.’ That’s the red meat answer that their fanbase wants to hear.”

Craig agreed, that while the Yankees continue to remain competitive under Cashman, it shouldn’t be hard to say that a franchise like the Yankees is not satisfied with getting swept out of the ALCS and eliminated by the Astros for the third time since 2017.

“It’s one thing to come out and say it’s not acceptable to them…but to come back and say, ‘we had a hell of a run with it’…at some point, I think he has to say, ‘I agree with them. It’s been 13 years since we won a title,’” Craig said.

If Cashman wants to take notes from someone else around the league, Evan says he should take a look at what the Mets owner told ESPN’s Jeff Passan on Monday, saying owners complaining about his spending should take a look in the mirror.

“Steve Cohen gave answers that he knew Met fans would print out and put on their wall in their offices and their home and pray at their altar to,” Evan said.

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