Evan pokes fun at 'embarrassing' Yankee fans who were spooked by squirrel


A viral video clip of a group of Yankee fans looking petrified of a squirrel running along the top of the outfield wall made its rounds on Tuesday night, and Evan had to call it out.

“That was embarrassing, Yankee fans,” Evan said at the start of Wednesday’s show. “That’s embarrassing.

“They acted like they were stuck up, like someone was taking money from them. It was a freaking squirrel, and you’re scared?”

The squirrel was running along the outfield wall while the fans in the front row sat with hands on their face and jaws dropped, looking horrified as the animal eventually slid off the top of the wall and onto the field. A squirrel used to be a sign of good fortune in the Bronx, as the rally squirrel in 2017 on top of the foul pole proved, but now, it is apparently a reason to panic, at least for those sitting right next to it.

“What happened to the Yankee fan of my youth?” Evan said. “The arrogant, ‘we’re afraid of nobody’ Yankee fan. Now, we got a Yankee fan throwing both hands up like he was getting stuck up or something

“You know where that would never happen? Queens, New York.”

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