Lorenzo Alexander thinks CBA vote will be very close


The NFLPA has not yet voted on the NFL's proposed collective bargaining agreement that was approved by the owners last week. Several high profile players such as J.J. Watt, Aaron Rodgers, and Richard Sherman have spoken out against the proposed CBA, but with guaranteed minimums increasing, it could be more popular among players at the bottoms of rosters.

Lorenzo Alexander is still serving as the player representative for the Buffalo Bills for the NFLPA and has been knee deep in these talks for weeks.

Here's some of what Alexander shared during his time with John Murphy and Steve Tasker on One Bills Live on Monday:


Alexander on the odds the proposed CBA passes:"It's going to be right there on the line. It's going to reflect the EC. vote and the rep vote. It's going to be right there, you know 51-49, and I don't know which way that 51 is going to be."


Alexander on the 17th game proposal:

"It can be a deal-breaker. We're talking about our bodies. Yes, money is great, but a lot of guys don't feel like it's a great trade off. So, there were guys that wanted an even bigger roll back, as far as me being there at work, especially in the offseason. If I'm going to have all these OTAs, which we talk about CTE and player health, all the hits I have to endure, especially as a linebacker, those are hits we're trying to take off of our bodies."


Alexander on how to get the players on board with 17 games:"If you add a 17th game, there's additional risk that we incur. We're trying to figure out how we can mitigate as much as possible. Having a longer wrap up time before you put pads on, maximizing the pads that you can have on, as well as increasing the off days."


Alexander on marijuana in the new CBA:

"Marijuana was not a big deal for us. I think actually both sides, especially the way our country's gone, the idea of marijuana and it being more of a therapeutic use in many cases, and a lot safer."


You can hear the entire interview below: