McDermott 'disappointed, disgusted, and ashamed' over George Floyd's murder


Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott spoke to the local media on Wednesday via a Zoom conference call and said they discussed the George Floyd murder and protests throughout the country as a team on Monday as they continue their virtual offseason program.

“Just overall, I'm disappointed,” McDermott said. “As a coach in the National Football League, or for any matter, I know that this hits very close to home, or hits directly at home for a lot of the guys on our football team. And when we talk about doing things the right way, I just feel strongly about right now as a country we need to unify. There's been obviously through this situation and other situations, there's a divide and I think that we as a country, we need to come together.”

McDermott went on to say that he hopes the Bills can be a unifying picture of “what it should look like” in America. “We believe in doing things in the community that are right. And I've tried to open myself up to our players to be a listener, to be listening, a good listener in this case, and I think that's important to educate myself and build awareness.”

On the specific reaction he had to the George Floyd video, McDermott said he was disgusted and ashamed, and that’s what he told players. “We're professional coaches, professional football players, but at the end of the day, we're human beings. And so, yeah, I was disappointed, disgusted and ashamed.”

Here's more from what McDermott addressed on Wednesday:


Ed Oliver update:

McDermott said he’s spoken with the second-year defensive tackle following his arrest on May 17 on DWI and gun charges, adding, “it’s a situation we take seriously, like all situations under that umbrella” and that they are going to let the legal process run it’s course.


Players working out in Florida:

When it came to several players working out together in Florida, McDermott praised quarterback Josh Allen’s leadership in making that all come together, saying “that was not an easy thing to pull off. Josh was on the West Coast, along with Matt [Barkley], and Davis [Webb] was in Texas. I believe and Jake [Fromm] is on the East Coast... to get the quarterback position to pull all that together and for the guys to meet them... I think it was just outstanding, and then a big step for Josh Allen and his leadership.”


Impressions of Stefon Diggs:

With the current pandemic situation, McDermott has not been able to meet Diggs yet in person, but spoke about getting to know his new wide receiver via their virtual program, saying “I’ve really enjoyed it. We start with a clean slate and I've enjoyed getting to know Stefon and getting to know a little bit about his background and a little bit about his family. I know he's a big workout guy and I think just like any good relationship, it has to start with building that trust, and that trust begins with respect, and mutual respect for one another, and I've enjoyed the fact that he's been communicating with us and with me and been in the meetings and he's done a good job so far.”


Defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier is scheduled to talk to the media on Thursday at 3 p.m.

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