OPINION: Ho-hum, nothing to see here

Just a routine 10-point win over the two-time defending NFL MVP on "Sunday Night Football"

Buffalo, N.Y. (WGR 550) - Nothing to see here, really. Just a routine 10-point win over the two-time defending NFL MVP in the first home, non-flex scheduled "Sunday Night Football" game in 15 years.

Yawn, anything else going on?

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OK, I’m kind of kidding, but that was a weird game.

It looked every bit like one of those days where the Buffalo Bills were obviously the superior team and a sure blowout win was incoming. Then all-of-a-sudden, it wasn’t that anymore.

A 24-7 halftime lead had the Orchard Park party peaking until a neighbor called the cops. The cops, in this case, being the Green Bay Packers, who decided the only way to not end up as roadkill was to hold onto the ball tightly and for extended periods of time.

The Packers ran the clock out on themselves eventually and kept the score respectable, but it was tough to watch Aaron Rodgers saddled with a Dick Jauron Bills drought era game plan.

With that said, it didn’t have to fail.

After limiting the Bills to one possession in the third quarter and a four-minute field goal drive that made the score 27-10, the Packers ground their way to a 4th-and-1 at the Buffalo 26-yard line early in the fourth quarter. A conversion and an eventual score could’ve made for a slightly more tense final quarter. However, Von Miller blew up the Packers' line and Taron Johnson tackled Aaron Jones short of the sticks.

All the Packers had to show for all their time invested was that field goal on the first possession of the third and some impressive rushing stats.

By the time Green Bay started to throw the ball effectively, they were out of time, even though Josh Allen seemed intent on giving them chances by throwing two of his worst passes of the season for interceptions in the fourth quarter.

Maybe the Packers grounding-and-pounding and munching on clock made Allen feel as bored as we got watching it. Maybe Allen was cold and out of rhythm.

Whatever the reason, Allen tried to force some things that didn’t need forcing and got burned. So instead of repeated playings of the Shout Song, we were left wondering if we should actually be nervous, because is this game, close or not and man, the Packers are just ripping through the Bills defense on the ground.

Oh wait, none of it mattered.

Allen gave, what, maybe a C-level performance(?) and the Bills still won by 10. We’ve become so accustomed to Allen shooting out all the lights in prime-time that seeing him get sloppy in that spot maybe was a little jarring.

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My advice would be not to worry about it. The Bills are 6-1.

In the opening two months of this season, they have beaten the defending Super Bowl champions, last year’s top-seed in the AFC, two other top AFC contenders on the road, a playoff team from last season, and now the two-time MVP in Aaron Rodgers.

Their only loss came when they got overcooked in Miami like a box of chicken fingers that sat too long under a heat lamp, and even then, they were dominant and just missed pulling the win over the Dolphins.

So yeah, things are going pretty well. Here’s hoping the Bills can stay healthy and focused as the schedule lightens up a little.

Happy Halloween!

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