Brandon Aiyuk is 'biggest loser on the planet' for spouting off after blowout loss


Brandon Aiyuk made some headlines this weekend with his mouth after failing to do much last weekend against the Eagles in the NFC Championship Game. The 49ers wide receiver had one catch for 10 yards in the Birds’ 31-7 win against San Francisco.

Despite the Eagles getting to both Brock Purdy and Josh Johnson, and limiting both of their opponents to seven points in their two playoff games, Aiyuk isn’t impressed. He believes that the Chiefs will expose the Eagles defense, saying “they got lucky last week.”

Well, lucky or not, the Eagles will be playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday with just three losses on the season – and only one with Jalen Hurts under center.

James Seltzer and Eliot Shorr-Parks of the Audacy Original Podcast “Go Birds” ripped Aiyuk for his comments that had “big loser energy.”

“Brandon Aiyuk, jeez Louise, man. The biggest loser on the planet. There is no bigger loser move than losing 31-7 and then spouting off,” Seltzer said (33:25 in player above). “How many times have we seen someone do something dumb like this and every time you look like a moron! Every time you’re the butt of the joke, buddy. Brandon Aiyuk, you are a loser. Loser! Just such a flat-out, all-time, top-tier loser.”

While Seltzer went all-in with emotion, Shorr-Parks took a more measured approach – although he ultimately agrees with the sentiment.

“I do understand what he’s saying and I do get the petty part of picking the Chiefs. So I actually think what he’s saying – I appreciate as always a true emotion in a quote – but yeah, what are you doing? Why say it?” Shorr-Parks said. “It’s also funny because it always happens. The Vikings said the same thing. The Saints said the same thing. I think the bottom line is whatever team loses, they’re very good at talking themselves into that they actually should’ve won.”

The Eagles beat the Vikings 38-7 in the NFC Championship Game en route to their victory over the Patriots in Super Bowl LII just five years ago. The Saints had already lost to Minnesota in the divisional round that year.

“Look, I get it, you’re competitors, you want to win, you think you’re better and all that, but like you lost,” Seltzer said. “I don’t care what it is. You lost, shut your mouth. Shut your mouth! You look like a fool. You look like a fool, man. It’s not pumping up your fans. You look like a moron…

“God, what a loser. It reeks of loser. It’s big loser energy.”

Aiyuk will be cheering on the Chiefs while the Eagles are going to battle against them on Sunday night.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images