Jim Nantz: 'It's just a shame' that Bills didn't possess ball in overtime


Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes proved last Sunday that 13 seconds is just enough time to orchestrate a season-saving drive. With two big-chunk completions and a game-tying field goal -- all of which occurred in the final 13 seconds of regulation -- the reigning AFC champions miraculously staved off elimination, and ultimately beat the Buffalo Bills in overtime, 42-36. A divisional-round classic that somehow exceeded fans' expectations.

But the sudden-death finish at Arrowhead Stadium wasn't only gut-wrenching to Bills fans. Considering how dominant both offenses performed, many NFL fans were frustrated that Bills star quarterback Josh Allen didn't get a chance to touch the ball once during the extra period. Possession during overtime is determined by a coin toss, and the Bills lost it. So, Allen was forced to watch the Chiefs' game-winning drive and touchdown from the sideline.

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"There are a few occasions a year, maybe not even that, where you walk away and feel a hole in your heart. Because the effort was so big on one side and you can't believe it wasn't enough to win," NFL on CBS voice Jim Nantz told the Maggie and Perloff show on Wednesday. "I'm not trying to shortchange the Bengals, but if they had figured out a way to win at Arrowhead, done it, come home, I would've liked Buffalo [in the AFC championship game].

"And now you put them in the Super Bowl. You know SoFi Stadium would've been, basically, the biggest convention of the Bills Mafia in years. You guys would've owned the stadium... It was just a shame that Josh and the Bills didn't get a chance to match it. And I really believe now, after seeing how many people are talking about [overtime rules], there's going to be change. Doesn't do the Bills any good now, but I do think it needs to be modified."

According to the NFL's rules, if the team that receives the kickoff in overtime scores a touchdown, the game is then over. But, if the team kicks a field goal, their opponent then earns a chance to have the ball. The latter scenario didn't occur on Sunday, as the Chiefs won the toss and needed just five minutes to travel 75-yards for the game-winning score.

Allen did everything in his power to lift Buffalo to its second straight AFC title game. The fourth-year starter threw for 329 yards with four touchdowns, and also recorded a team-high 68 rushing yards. But, his monstrous scoring play with 13 seconds remaining was erased by Mahomes, just moments later.

Following the game, Allen told reporters they didn't make enough plays, and "we'd be celebrating" if the coin toss went in their favor. According to ESPN, the Bills were given a 91-percent win probability with 13 seconds remaining. Chiefs head coach Andy Reid was also asked what he told Mahomes at the time, and told reporters, "When it's grim, be the Grim Reaper and go get it."

The entire NFL conversation between Nantz and Maggie and Perloff can be accessed in the audio player above.

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