Yankees' Jordan Montgomery joins Gerrit Cole as latest to test positive for COVID-19


Yankees general manager Brian Cashman broke some bad news on Carton & Roberts Tuesday: LHP Jordan Montgomery has also tested positive for COVID-19, and will be placed on the IL.

“We now have two pieces that we’re going to be without, and we’ve spent the last day figuring out how we’re going to backfill those spots,” Cashman said, referencing the news that Gerrit Cole also tested positive on Monday. “We want to have Aaron Boone, and Mike Harkey, and Matt Blake be able to navigate the game from a pitching standpoint and give them the best chance to win.”

According to Boone, Cole and Montgomery will be out for at least 10 days unless they test negative on multiple occasions before that, but that 10-day timeline may also be a minimum depending on any symptoms or issues the pitchers mat encounter.

“It could be longer, too, because you have to wonder if their arm care is good, and what kind of work they can do while they’re out,” Cashman said. “Whatever symptoms they have or will experience are more a bad cold or light flu at worst. We’re at the first stage of determining symptoms what they are, I don’t want to divulge more, but the good thing about the vaccines is that it will hopefully keep the symptoms to a bad cold or light flu at worst.”

Luis Gil will make his MLB debut Tuesday night in place of Cole, and with Nestor Cortes already slated to take the injured Domingo German’s spot on Thursday, the Yankees will need another st