Winnipeg Jets have some fun with Aaron Rodgers' declaration of intent for 2023

The NHL's Jets tweeted a Photoshopped image of Rodgers sporting a Winnipeg uniform

(WFAN/WGR 550) - Trust us – a great sense of humor and some Photoshop skills go a long way if you want a career in sports social media, so we can appreciate the Winnipeg Jets having a little fun with Aaron Rodgers on Wednesday.

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Rodgers, of course, told Pat McAfee of his intention to play for the Jets this year, meaning the New York Jets in the National Football League. After Rodgers told McAfee he told Adam Schefter to “lose his number” when Schefter texted him about something, the ESPN NFL insider, himself, sent out a tweet with a picture of that text from Rodgers and the quote “confirming Aaron Rodgers’ report.”

Enter the “other” Jets, the National Hockey League team up in Winnipeg, Manitoba, who hammered out their own Rodgers announcement on Twitter minutes later.

Even jumped in as well:

The responses on social media were gold too, especially this one from a fan who knows Winnipeg and the Minnesota Wild are in the same division:

Not sure how center Jansen Harkins - currently wears No. 12 in Winnipeg - might feel about bequeathing his number to a football legend turned hockey neophyte, but we do know this: There’s very few cities in the four major North American sports that have worse weather than Green Bay.

At least Rodgers will be used to the cold inside (and outside) the arena.

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