Trevor Story explains his blistering hot streak after lost April

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Red Sox infielder Trevor Story's early-season struggles were no secret.

The Red Sox's prized offseason free agent signing, Story was perhaps the face of Boston's sluggish April, hitting a paltry .224/.297/.299 in the season's opening month. Story's and the Red Sox's woes even prompted one prominent baseball writer to dub them "the worst team money can buy."

But in case you missed it, Story has broken out of his slump in a major way in recent days and weeks. In his last 12 games entering Thursday's action, the former Colorado Rockies star was hitting a cool .267/.352/.756, with a whopping seven homers and four stolen bases.

And, according to Story himself, the resurgence can be attributed to little more than a couple minor tweaks and just feeling more comfortable in his new digs, after previously spending his entire professional career in the Rockies organization.

"People have to understand this," host Rob Bradford said to Story on The Bradfo Sho. "When you go to another organization, after being in an organization for your entire life, there's a lot that's new."

"Literally everything," Story replied. "Besides me and my wife -- and thank god I have her by my side, she helps me do everything. But yeah, just kind of getting into a brand new organization. All the faces and names are new. Everywhere to go is new. Spring is new."

Even grocery shopping becomes something of a foreign task when a player uproots his life and relocates to a new city.

"It's Trader Joe's for my wife, but she kind of runs the show on all that. She takes care of pretty much everything so I can just play baseball. But yeah, just kind of settling in and knowing where everything is at, that's definitely helped.

"You try to [prepare yourself] as best you can, but I think going into it knowing it's going to be overwhelming, at least for a little bit, and just kind of embracing that, and not trying to learn everything and get everything right in the first couple of days."

The two-time All-Star said he's feeling much more comfortable after the adjustment period.

"Obviously, it was a lot. It just felt like everything was a whirlwind. Moving to a new city and all of that. Trying to feel like part of the team. Just getting to know my teammates. It’s a lot. Obviously, the struggle early was tough. You want to come in and play well for the team that I chose to come to. They have high expectations here, and I just wasn’t playing well.

"If you know me, that's all I really want to do: play ball and keep it simple. It wasn't like that to start. There's a lot going on, and that's just kind of what comes with it. We've embraced it, and we feel like things are starting to settle down, so it's nice."

So what can explain Story's extreme roller-coaster ride aside from the change in scenery?

"New league. A lot of new pitchers I hadn’t faced before. So the familiarity helps, and that experience and time in the box against these other teams help tremendously. I’m still working on that. Mechanically, it’s pretty simple … I play my cards pretty close to the chest when it comes to that. No trade secrets. Keep that between me and our hitting guys."

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