Tips for a DIY Landscaping Project

Gardener Shaping Plants
Photo credit welcomia

Spending all of this time at home might be a great opportunity for you to finally tackle those lawn and landscpaing projects you've been talking about. For me, I am not one for landscaping. I mow the lawn and take care of the weeds, but anything more than that and I'm done. Honestly it's just because I don't really know what I'm doing. The previous owners of our home had a garden in the front yard and some random flowers planted along the fence in the backyard and I don't like any of it. Since this weekend is supposed to be pretty nice, I've decided that it's time I face these problems with the yard head on and at least clean up the flower bed in the front yard. So, here are some DIY landscaping tips that anyone can do (even me).

1) Living in Northeast Ohio, don't plant anything the deer will want to eat. In my neighborhood in Parma Heights, the deer walk around in groups of five or more. Part of the reason our front yard doesn't look so great is because the plants that are there from the previous owners are basically all deer food. They are always eating something out of our yard. Once I rake and clean out that flower bed, I'm going to put in some deer-resistant plants.

2) Don't take on a project that's too big to handle. It's important to set realistic goals, espcially when you don't have any landscaping experience. Right now, cleaning out the flower beds is my very first goal. There's a lot I'd like to eventually do with our front and back yards, but cleaning the front yard and laying fresh mulch is my number one goal. Much like doing any other kind of home project, you can't start something that's too big for you to finish and never come back to. If you're like me and KNOW where you want to be but know you're not quite there yet, set smaller goals and steps that will be easier to accomplish. Sometimes I feel completely and totally overwhelmed by the big picture and I get anxious about getting to that part and how the heck it's going to happen, so I set steps for myself that are easier for me to reach.

3) Set a budget and stick to it. Compare prices of what you need online to make sure you stay within that budget. 

4) Make sure you have all the tools you need to get started. A rake, a shovel, different kinds of clippers, etc. The most important thing to make sure you have that I ALWAYS forget about until the last second are lawn bags or a yard waste bin. You need a place to put that yard waste and I cannot tell you how many times I've raked the leaves from the side of our house only to realize I have nowhere to put them.

Our backyard is going to be a bigger project, so right now I'm going to focus on the front yard. If you know the Parma and Parma Heights area at all, you know that it doesn't take much for flooding to happen. Lucky we don't live in a spot that's super prone to flooding, but it seems like there is always mud. We have one big bare spot just outside the back door where the dogs do quite a bit of their playing, so I would like to eventually put in a patio there and figure out a safe way to regrow some grass without risking the health of the dogs. The first (and easiest to accomplish) goal for the backyard will be to pull the flowers and weeds from along the fence.

Since most places are doing curbside pickup too, you can get everything you need without even going into the store. To see how easy it really is to do a bigger DIY landscaping project than my own, check out what Danielle Wiggins of WKYC and her family did!