The Perfect April Fools Van

A Berkley, Michigan man owns the ultimate April Fools Van. Take a look at Jerry Naumann's 1985 GMC Rally van. However, this is not your typical GMC Rally van. Your eyes are not fooling you, it drives upside down.  Upon first glance, this van looks as if it is skidding on its roof. Also this van drives backwards. 

This van is equppied with hidden wheels under the car, which drive the car. The wheels on the roof spin by electric motors. Inside the van there is a steering wheel, driver's seat and passenger seat. Since the van drives backwards, the steering wheel and seats face out the back windows of the van, which serve as the van's windshield.

Naumann has been pulled over by the police before while driving, but the officer just wanted to check the van out. As you can imagine, visibility is limited in this van so it is not very practical for everyday use. Naumann takes the van to car cruises, parades and special events.