700lb Woodpecker Stash FOUND

	Nancy Strohm
Photo credit Nancy Strohm

A real nutcase out in California as a homeowner called an exterminator due to a growing worm problem.
What the exterminator found in the home was more than incredible.
He cut a 4 inch hole in the bottom of a wall, and like a dam opening up a cascade of acorns covered the floor.
An acorn woodpecker has been stashing acorns (which attract mealworms) in the walls of the home for about 2-5 years, filling up 8 garbage bags and weighing over 700 lbs.
The woodpeckers were able to get into the home through a hole in the chimney and return to that stash through a hole in the attic.
Nutty, man!

Featured Image Photo Credit: Nancy Strohm