Classic Rock Almanac October 15, 2021

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Classic Rock Almanac


1960-Ringo Starr fills in for Pete Best when The Beatles play back-up at a recording session for Rory Storm And The Hurricanes' guitarist, Wally Eymond, in the small Akustik studio in Hamburg, Germany.

1965-With a signing bonus of one dollar, Jimi Hendrix inked his first recording contract. He agreed on a 1% royalty on all of his recordings.

1966-Grace Slick quits the local San Francisco band The Great Society to join Jefferson Airplane. She replaces Signe Toly Anderson, who left the band to have a baby.

1973-A court in Nice, France finds The Rolling Stones' Keith Richards guilty of using, supplying and trafficking in marijuana and heroin.

1983-Genesis' self titled LP became their third consecutive number one album in the UK.

1995-Paul and Linda McCartney are the guest voices on Fox-TV's The Simpsons in an episode called "Lisa the Vegetarian".

2018-Britain's Official Charts Company named The Beatles' masterpiece "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" as the most popular British album of all time.