Classic Rock Almanac October 27, 2021

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Classic Rock Almanac


1962-The Rolling Stones, consisting of Keith Richard, Mick Jagger, Brian Jones, pianist Ian Stewart and drummer Tony Chapman, record their first demo tape at Curly Clayton Studios in Highbury, London.

1975-In a rare feat for a Rock musician, Bruce Springsteen appears on the cover of both Time and Newsweek magazines.

1979-Elton John collapsed on stage at Hollywood's Universal Amphitheatre suffering from exhaustion.

1980-Mark David Chapman buys a five-shot .38 special for $169. A little over six weeks later, he would use it to kill John Lennon.

1984-At a Grateful Dead concert in Berkeley, California, the band allocated a specific area for fans to make bootleg recordings of the show.

2012-Chuck Berry told a gathering at Cleveland's Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame that he wanted to make a comeback by releasing six new songs that he wrote sixteen years ago.

2013-Lou Reed, an influential songwriter and guitarist who paved the way for Glam, Punk and Alternative Rock, died of liver disease at the age of 71.


1949-Garry Tallent
musician and record producer who is the bass player with the Bruce Springsteen E Street Band.

1949-Byron Allred
keyboards, Steve Miller Band

1951-K. K. Downing
guitarist and songwriter, and one of the founding members of Judas Priest. Downing officially left Judas Priest in 2011.

1967-Scott Weiland
vocals, Stone Temple Pilots, Velvet Revolver, The Wildabouts, solo, died on December 3, 2015