'Morning Quickie': Update on Amanda Bynes, Cocaine Shark movie, & Taco Bell bringing back 90's items

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A year after Amanda Bynes put an end to her conservatorship, the former star has had another troubling episode. The actress was found naked in the streets of downtown Los Angeles. Reports say Bynes asked a driver for help and called 911 herself, and was then taken to a police station unharmed. Sources say Bynes has been placed in a “psychiatric hold” for 72 hours after being found naked in the streets of downtown Los Angeles. Bynes, who was diagnosed bipolar in 2013, was scheduled to appear at 90s Con in Connecticut last weekend but “canceled due to illness.”

Well, this didn’t take long. In the wake of the success of the movie “Cocaine Bear,” loosely based on an actual incident where a bear ate a lot of cocaine in Alabama, the studio Wild Eye Releasing has made a movie based on 3.2 tons of cocaine being found in the Pacific Ocean called…”Cocaine Shark.” The film is set to be released digitally and on DVD on July 7th. Click here for the full trailer.

Taco Bell announced the return of some its hottest products. The “Volcano Menu,” which stems from items introduced nearly thirty years ago will include the Volcano Burrito, the Volcano Taco, and an optional “Lava Sauce” (a spicy cheese sauce). Some may remember that the menu was originally introduced as a promotional tie-in to the soon-forgotten 1995 movie Congo.

Featured Image Photo Credit: 98.5 WNCX