'Morning Quickie': Garth Brooks showered w/ Steven Tyler, & Jane Fonda once skinny dipped with the King of Pop

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Garth Brooks regaled Kelly Clarkson with the story of how he once showered with Aerosmith's Steven Tyler. Fifteen years ago, the two were readying to play with Billy Joel when Garth was showering pre-show when he wiped soap from his eyes - and Steven was in the shower next to him! It's not as odd as it seems: the showers were in New York's Shea Stadium in the old locker room. Garth closed out his story with "How many people get to say that?" to which Kelly Clarkson replied, "Well, who knows? He's rock n' roll!". Garth Brooks' new Las Vegas residency opened at The Colosseum at Caesars.

On "Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen," Hollywood legend Jane Fonda revealed the out-of-left-field fact that she once saw the King Of Pop naked! Playing Andy's game "Plead The Fifth," Fonda explained how that unlikely event occurred. "He came and visited me when we were shooting 'On Golden Pond,' and I had a little cottage right on the lake, and it was a beautiful, moonlit night," explained Fonda, who filmed the movie in 1980 when Jackson was 22 years old. "And you said, ‘Let’s skinny-dip,'" Cohen suggested. "No, he did!" the actress, 85, corrected the host. So how did the King look minus his kingly garments? "Skinny," Fonda unsurprisingly said.

Featured Image Photo Credit: 98.5 WNCX