'Morning Quickie': No screaming during Mellencamp's acoustic set, Cleveland ranks at no. 97, & fast food fries ranked

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'Morning Quickie' Photo credit 98.5 WNCX

In the middle of his concerts, John Mellencamp has a section where he sings a trio of songs alone, with just acoustic guitar. Lately, he's found he needs to remind the audience not to yell during the quiet parts. Mellencamp even gave the rowdy people some suggestions about where they could go. John Mellencamp brings his Live and In Person tour to Cleveland for two nights on May 25 and 26 at 8:00. Listen to his comments below.

According to new rankings from U.S. News & World Report, Cleveland ranks 97th on the list of 150 best places to live in the country, trailing noted destinations like Youngstown and Fort Wayne. And, ya know, 94 others. To arrive at its conclusions, the study looked at Quality of Life (crime rates, education, healthcare, commuter index, air quality), Value (household income, housing prices), Desirability (migration patterns, responses to a survey, weather, number of restaurants, shops and bars), and Job Market (unemployment rate, average salaries). In its weighted scoring, Cleveland netted an overall 6.1 rating with Desirability coming in at 5.3, Value at 7.3, Job Market at 5, and Quality of Life at 6.6. On the upside, Cleveland came in at No. 46 on the list of best places to retire and No. 5 in the best places to live in Ohio. Topping the 2023-24 list: Green Bay, Huntsville, Alabama ranked the 2nd best place to live in America beating (3) Raleigh Durham, North Carolina; (4) Boulder, Colorado and (5) Sarasota, Florida. You can see the full list here.

French fries are like pizza in that even a bad one is good. But if you ask fast food fans who makes their favorite fries, chances are, they’re going to say McDonald’s. The salty side dish from the Golden Arches even claims the number one spot as the best French fries in America in a new poll. Consumer analytics platform CivicScience surveyed more than 7-thousand fast food lovers about their favorite fast food fries. And the results show Mickey D’s as the clear winner, as other restaurants don’t even come close. Half of all respondents choose McDonald’s as the best and these are the rankings:

McDonald’s 50%

Wendy’s 15%

Chick-fil-A 14%

Burger King 11%

Arby’s 9%

KFC 2%

Featured Image Photo Credit: 98.5 WNCX