'Morning Quickie': Al Pacino a dad at 82, Alexa discontinues celeb voices, & yucky pool facts

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Al Pacino is expecting a child with his girlfriend. Noor Alfallah. Noor has been in a relationship with Pacino since April last year. Al is 82 years old, while Noor is 29 and is 8 months pregnant. Pacino will be 100 years old when the child turns 18. This will be Pacino's fourth child, with three children from previous relationships with Beverly D'Angelo and Jan Tarrant. Al's reps confirmed the news to our friends at TMZ last night.

If you’ve gotten used to Samuel L. Jackson or Melissa McCarthy waking you up or talking through Amazon Echo (Alexa) devices, be prepared to say goodbye. The celebrity voices option is no longer for sale and it will be discontinued. Amazon hasn’t said why the feature is being axed, but did say “After three years, we’re winding down celebrity voices. Customers will be able to continue using these voices for a limited time, and can contact our customer service team for a refund.” The last day to use the voices, including Shaq, is September 30.

It's pool time! But here’s something to consider before you dive in … A survey found that 51% of people admit to using the pool as an alternative to a shower or a bath after exercising or doing yardwork -- even though 64% say they understand that pool chemicals do not eliminate the need to shower. Here are some other survey findings you probably don't want to hear:

40% of people admitted to peeing in the pool.

24% say they would go in the pool within one hour of having diarrhea.

48% say they never shower before swimming.

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