Scary Movies To Watch For Halloween

These are some of my favorite picks.

I LOVE horror films. From creatures to ghosts to thrillers- I am in my happy place whenever I'm watching a horror film. I like a lot of horror classics, as well as some contemporary films too. So, I'm giving you a short list of my top five scary movies to watch before Halloween!

1) Scream (1996) - This is one of my all time favorites. I had already been turning into a bit of a horror buff when I was in middle school in the mid 2000s. I had seen Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, and Halloween already- but Scream is probably the one that pushed me over the edge. Scream arguably has one of the best plot twists of all time. I still get chills when Matthew Lillard holds the voice changer and says "Surprise, Sidney."

2) The Thing (1982) - Honestly The Thing might be one of my favorite movies of all time, not just a horror classic. I think The Thing is one of John Carpenter's most underrated work. Yeah Halloween is great, but The Thing is truly brilliant. It's equal parts horror and science fiction, you feel like you're one of the characters because you have absolutely NO idea why any of this is happening, and Kurt Russell's hair? I mean, come on.

3) Midsommar (2019) - I'll tell you right now that if slow burning, psychological thrillers are not your thing, Midsommar might not be right for you. But this film is CREEPY. It never stops being eerie. But on top of the great writing and directing is some stunning cinematography. If you're a cinephile like me, you'll appreciate this film as well.

4) The Cabin In The Woods (2011) - Cabin In The Woods is seriously underrated. It takes the slasher tropes and self-awareness from Scream to a whole new, pretty comedic level. Cabin In The Woods is equal parts funny and scary. Honestly, it gets flat out outrageous! If you're a horror fan who can make jokes about the genre and its tropes, this is the movie for you

5) Carrie (1976) - I have seen almost every adaption of Carrie (never saw 1999's Carrie 2), but nothing beats the original. It's a story we all know and it's a movie we've all seen probably a hundred times- but the original Carrie is an absolute classic. When the strings start shrilly playing as Carrie telepathically shuts every door in the gym? Chills. That part still gives me goosebumps, even though I know what's coming next.

There are so many other scary movies that I love- The Shining, Hereditary, Blair Witch Project, Candyman...honestly the list could go on! But that's my list of my top 5 picks for Halloween. If you're looking for more suggestions, check out the top 200 horror films of all time on Rotten Tomatoes.