4 Year Old Calls Emergency # To Talk

Calls 1-1-1 in New Zealand to say he "has some new toys". Cute.
4 Year Calls New Zealand 1-1-1 To Announce "I Have Toys"
Photo credit © Alan Poizner / USA TODAY NETWORK

HERE is a super cute call done by a 4 year old in New Zealand who calls that country's 9-1-1 to chat with a grown up. Courtesy of the New Zealand police and since all emergency calls are recorded the 4 year old doesn't have an emergency but a secret he'd wish to share about getting some new toys. You'll hear his dad grab the phone, says sorry for my son calling 1-1-1. Dad's also glad his son didn't dial 0-1- some country code to someplace other than New Zealand. You have a great day & thanks for stopping by.