What's on Dr? Sheila's playlist? Amy Poehler's latest project has its own soundtrack

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Dr? Sheila's Playlist
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She’s actually a fictional world-class therapist and life coach with questionable methods and credentials played by Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winning writer, actress, producer, and director Amy Poehler on an all new Audacy and Paper Kite Podcast, Say More with Dr? Sheila.

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Over the course of ten episodes, Dr? Sheila will offer advice and counsel to ten couples on topics including infidelity, open relationships, ghosting, bickering, and more. With new episodes released weekly through November 16.

When she’s not advising couples with questionable advice, Dr? Sheila hits play on her personal playlist. Curious what she’s listening to when she’s not in a session with a patient? Get all her favorite songs here on Dr? Sheila’s Playlist, including tunes from Shania TwainPaul Simon, Billy Joel and many more, hosted by Dr? Sheila herself. Check it out above.

Plus, listen to the Say More with Dr? Sheila trailer now — HERE, and check out the first two episodes — HERE, officially available on the Audacy app.

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