Barry Farm Is Officially A Historic Landmark

Anacostia's Barry Farm neighborhood is officially a historic landmark.
Photo credit Photo courtesy of Deborah Labidou

Black History Month is off to a great start.

Anacostia's Barry Farm neighborhood has offically been designated a historical landmark.

Empower D.C. and the Barry Farm Tenants and Allies Association shared the news in a Facebook post.

"BARRY FARM IS HISTORIC! Although we did not get all of Stevens Road designated, DC's Historic Preservation Review Board voted unanimously to designate the bottom part of Stevens Road, SE as historic! The fight is not over and we will continue to need your support, but today showed an organized group of people can get things done!" the caption reads.

Barry Farm Dwellings has existed since the 1940s, and the neighborhood includes the rich history as a home to African Americans after the Civil War, and a place that helped birth go-go.

"The story of Barry Farm is significant to the local community, city and the nation, and deserves recognition through a DC historic landmark designation," D.C.'s Historic Preservation Review Board decided at a meeting on December 5.

Though the entire neighborhood did not recieve the historical landmark designation, the  Historic Preservation Review Board called for a portion of the landmark to contain a museum and cultural center dedicated to the legacy of Barry Farm.

The official designation covers five buildings located on Stevens Road in SE.

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