Scott Van Pelt Wants Go-Go 'SportsCenter' Theme For D.C. Show


ESPN host Scott Van Pelt is bringing his “SportsCenter” show to D.C., and he is planning to put a go-go twist on it. 

Van Pelt’s show is filmed at ESPN’s headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut, but come August, it will be filmed in the same D.C. studio as “Pardon The Interruption,” Sports Business Daily reported

“I’m reaching out to Trouble Funk,” Van Pelt told the outlet. “I’m trying to figure out how we can get a Go-Go version of the ‘SportsCenter’ theme. I want to have that in the bag of tricks. I want to be able to come back from commercial and have Go-Go music playing. That will say to anyone who understands that we’re back in the District.”

Van Pelt attended the University of Maryland, grew up in Montgomery County and reportedly wants to be closer to his mother and aunt. 

There won’t be many changes to the show, he said, beyond booking guests that he might not have had access to in Bristol. 

The meaning of go-go music has been widely discussed following the evolution of last year’s #DontMuteDC movement. The D.C. council is working to make it the official music of the city.  

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