Post Malone Wants You to Pick His Super Bowl Commercial

The ‘Circles’ singer is coming to the big game

Step aside Bud Light Knight, Post Malone is taking over. The “Circles” singer is set to star in a Super Bowl commercial for the company’s new Bud Light Seltzer, giving everyone a look inside his brain. Because it’s the masterful mind of Posty though, you’ve got options. Starting Wednesday you can vote for one of two commercials to air during Sunday’s action, both equally awesome and covered in face tattoos.

Post Malone is a noted Bud Light enthusiast, playing shows for them on their Dive Bar tour. But here he opens all his senses to the new idea of a hard seltzer, causing some confusion amongst all the staff inside the head of the GRAMMY-nominated artist.

Watch both commercials, and vote on social media for your favorite with #PostyStore or #PostyBar.

“I f***ing love Bud Light so much. I’ve been drinking it since the legal age of 21,” Post Malone told People as they visited the set of the shoot. “I never thought I’d be in a commercial, but I guess people wanted me to be in a commercial, so I’ll be in a commercial.”

Away from the Bud Light spotlight, Post Malone shares that he likes to keep it simple when not out on tour. “I like to drink beer and just relax with the good ol’ boys,” he added. “I try to usually stay to myself. I’ve been in L.A. for a little bit, working and doing commercials and shoots and stuff. Usually I’m in Salt Lake City where I live. I love being out in nature and waking up to the mountains, cracking a cold one and just relaxing.”

See Post Malone crack a cold one in the winning commercial this Sunday during the game.

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