Mayor: Crime Down 40% In Detroit Due To 'Stay Home' Order


DETROIT (WWJ) - Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan says the coronavirus "is going to continue to grow in the city" for weeks, but there's a spot of good news. 

Crime was down 40% last week when compared to the week before, the mayor reported Monday.

As for why, Duggan credited Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's "Stay Home, Stay Safe" executive order intended to slow the spread of the virus. 

“The shelter in place is having the same effect it did in New York, response time is still good,” Duggan said. 

“We have to practice social distancing. Its spread is controlled by your behavior," the mayor added. "If you see people gathering, call police. We will come out and respond."

Speaking at an afternoon news conference, the mayor said 69 Detroit police officers and eight firefighters have tested positive for COVID-19.  Nearly 600 officers and civilian workers in the police department are in quarantine, he said.  Just over 100 firefighters are quarantined.  

Duggan said, however, that the testing of DPD officers is going well, and there are 173 officers in the process of being brought back. And, he said, Abbot Labs will be offering tests for first responders that can come back within hours. 

“If the trend continues, our manpower issues will be in great shape,” Duggan said.

The mayor says Greektown Casino is providing rooms for first responders who don't want to chance going home and infecting their loved ones.  

Meanwhile, Detroit Police Chief Craig, who tested positive for th virus last week, is fighting the infection. Craig, the mayor said, is recovering at home and is very much still in charge of the department.

According to the latest official count from the state, the city of Detroit has 1,801 confirmed cases of the virus, and 52 related deaths.

Duggan said his goal is to make tests available to every Detroiter.

He said there were 660 test administered Monday at the State Fairground testing site, where people in cars waited in long lines. A doctor's order and an appointment are required to be tested at ths site. 

“I’m going to try to ask the media to report this accurately: What is happening in this country is the more testing you have the more positives you have,” Duggan said. “Our cases will continue to grow because we’re testing more than everyone else around us."