WWJ In Depth: Love & Relationships In The Modern World

(WWJ) It's 2020...Do you know where your relationship stands?

Royal Oak Dr. Joe Kort, who has been a relationship counselor for close to 35 years, says many couples may quarrel over expectations; like how to celebrate Valentine's Day or other special events.

The key, he says: You gotta talk about it. 

"This is one of those times couples fight over contracts they never made. You need to have that conversation and say this is what I expect, are you open to this?" Kort said.

Kort said there are two conversations couples need to have going all the time: One about the relationship, and the other about sex.

"If they don't do that, one of them will go bad," Kort said. "It used to be believed that if sex was good your relationship was good. Not necessarily. If your relationship was good,  sex will be good. Not necessarily. (It's) two conversations....so check in with each other,on some regular basis."

Kort said it's OK, and may be helpful, to revisit topics you may have covered with your partner earlier on.

"Because that's a renewal," he said. "You have to renew that every year. Are we still monogamous? Are we still monogamous in the same way? Has it changed? We have internet; there's so many different ways to, you know, allow ourselves to have flirting, have whatever. Are we open to that?"

"So checking in is really the best way."

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