Airbnb cracks down on potential party rentals in Michigan ahead of Memorial Day and other summer holidays

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(WWJ) If you're looking to host a party at an Airbnb rental property this holiday weekend, you're out of luck.

Airbnb says they are for the second year cracking down on unauthorized party rentals in their Michigan properties ahead of Memorial Day weekend. The anchor of this crackdown is a block on certain one-night and two-night reservations over both Memorial Day weekend and Fourth of July weekend for entire home listings in Michigan and throughout the United States.

"Some of the factors are, say, if I have a brand new account, I don't have any reviews, no kind of history on the platform, all of a sudden they live in Detroit, say, and I'm trying to book a six bedroom home for one night, on Memorial Day weekend, also in Detroit," said Ben Breit with Airbnb Public Affairs.

"Those are some of factors that kind of pop and might, you know, cause the system to say, 'You know what, we're not going to let that reservation go through.'"

Breit says last-minute bookings may also raise a red flag.

Accounts with a longstanding history on the platform are less-likely to get blocked from booking.

Around 300 Michigan bookings were blocked last Memorial Day with the program. Other holidays with the booking-ban include Halloween and New Years Eve.

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