The government wants to make changes to your car: Is installing alcohol detection devices in every vehicle the answer to preventing drunken driving deaths?

Woman blowing into a breathalyzer in her car
Photo credit Getty Images

(WWJ) – Drinking and driving continues to be a deadly force across the country, including right here in Metro Detroit. Michigan State Police First Lt. says the state saw about 200 more alcohol-related crashes in 2021 compared to the year before, calling it “a crime that doesn’t have to happen.”

This week the National Transportation Safety Board recommended “alcohol impairment detection systems be included in all new vehicles.” But earlier this year Dearborn Congresswoman Debbie Dingell added that recommendation to the massive infrastructure bill passed in Washington D.C.

In a new Daily J podcast, WWJ’s Zach Clark explores the potential solution of modifying your car to detect drinking and driving, finding out when that might happen and what it might look like.