No need for a Home Depot – the perfect materials for building in space are already there

Moon in space
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(WWJ) – If humans ever create a colony on the moon or Mars, how would the astronauts go about making their buildings? Would they have to “make a trip to Home Depot,” as WWJ’s Erin Vee put it?

Well, not exactly. They may not have to use too many earthly materials at all, because it turns out, bricks could be made using dust from the moon or Mars.

Mike Murray with the Delta College Planetarium in Bay City said on this week’s edition of “All Over the Space” moon soil is nothing like Earth soil.

“It’s not organic. It has no weathering and it’s been pulverized over millions of years by micrometeoroids. Well, a lot of that is a very glassy composition,” Murray said. “And that makes it incredibly adhesive. And that means it would be easy – relatively easy, that is – to create bricks or hard concrete, of a sort.”

Murray says we’d likely be able to build a lot of a lunar habitat with a lot of the contents that are already there.

In addition to talking about building in space, this episode features NASA’s new study on unidentified aerial phenomena – UAPs, also widely known as UFOs -- as well as the latest happenings at the Delta College Planetarium.

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Featured Image Photo Credit: Getty Images