Milk truck overturns on M-14 in Wayne County, spills onto highway

Milk Truck
Photo credit Getty Images

PLYMOUTH (WWJ) A reminder this Thanksgiving weekend not to cry over spilled milk…or milk trucks, for that matter.

Michigan State Police said a semi-truck carrying milk lost control on the slick roads and overturned around 1 p.m. Saturday, on M-14 at Gotfredson in Plymouth.

The milk inside it poured onto the highway, although State Police did not specify how much it contained.

The road was closed for about six hours for clean-up.

No injuries were reported, nor other vehicles damaged. The road is back open.

Dozens of spin-outs were reported Saturday amid the snowy weather--which continues into Sunday. State Police are reminding drivers to take it slow, clear off their windows and leave a meaningful following distance between yourself and the driver in front of you.

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