Threat at Livonia Stevenson HS prompts police response, investigation on one-year anniversary of Oxford shooting

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LIVONIA (WWJ) – An investigation is underway after a threatening message was found in a school bathroom, prompting a police response at Livonia’s Stevenson High School Wednesday afternoon.

School officials sent a letter to parents Wednesday saying students reported the threat to administrators, which immediately prompted school safety protocols.

Livonia police responded and determined the message written on the bathroom wall was not a substantiated threat. School administrators and law enforcement were working to determine the origin of the message.

Stevenson Principal Pete Mazzoni said in the letter the district’s safety response protocol on Wednesday included a thorough review of video security camera footage in the vicinity of the restroom; investigation to determine a time frame of the incident and interviews with students who accessed that restroom during the identified time frame, prior to the end of the school day.

It was not immediately clear whether the culprit was identified.

The threat was discovered on the one-year anniversary of the Oxford High School shooting that left four students dead and six students and a teacher injured.

The content of the threat was not immediately known.

Officials said they determined a student shared a photo of the written message on Snapchat and was immediately identified and asked to remove the post.

“We understand that the nature of this incident may be disconcerting to students, so we encourage you to talk with your child to determine if social-emotional supports are needed,” the letter said. “If this is the case, please contact the district’s Social-Emotional Support Hotline via email at or call (734) 744-2737 or contact Stevenson’s school social worker or school psychologist during the school day tomorrow.”

Administrators said they “cannot emphasize enough the importance of reminding our students that making a threat of violence, even if ‘joking,’ is extremely serious and carries strict consequences.”

The letter asked parents to remind their children to refrain from this type of behavior – and also from posting on social media in the event such an incident occurs.

It was not yet clear whether any students will face discipline for the threat, though dozens of cases in the year since the Oxford shooting have led to criminal charges and expulsions.

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